Building Fund

One-year Debt Retirement Project

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Giving can be accomplished in several ways.

Cash or checks:
Augustana provides weekly offering envelopes. Please contact Deb Van
at dvan or 651 457-3373 to request envelopes.

Automatic Withdrawals:
Authorized monthly withdrawals for a specified amount can be made directly
from your checking or savings account. Please direct questions to Deb Van at
dvan or 651 457-3373. Click here to download an enrollment
form and instructions (PDF).

Go to Augustana’s secure online giving link.

Appreciated Securities:

Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds) may be donated to
Augustana, and may also provide significant tax benefits to the donor. Talk to
your tax advisor. Contact at Deb Van at dvan or 651 457-3373
if you are interested in making a gift of securities.