Sermons on “Galatians”

Gentleness And Self-Control

Paul wrote the book of Galatians in a little bit of a panic.  He loved the people of Galatia, which would today be central Turkey.  He formed a church there and moved on, as he typically did in his ministry.  But then he heard that after teaching them about the all-inclusive love of God, the wideness of the Spirit, the life-saving promises of Jesus Christ, some other teachers came in.  Those teachers told the Galatians that Jesus wasn’t enough. You had to do something to get God to accept you. For those misleading the Galatians, that thing was circumcision.

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Live By the Spirit

Somewhere from one out of ten to one out of five Americans defines themselves as “spiritual but not religious”. Most strictly speaking, this means that the person does not have any organized religious affiliation; in some cases, even defines herself as agnostic or atheist. However, if you are spiritual but not religious, you nonetheless find a need for a pursuit of that which is other, that which is holy, that which betters the self and serves the whole.

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The Life I Now Live

Finish this sentence for me: you are not a Christian if you…

How do you think that sentence ends? You are not a Christian if you… what? What is it about what you say or do or believe or are that someone says keeps you from living a life in Christ? There have been a few ways that others have finished that sentence for me.

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