Sermons by “Intern Kiara Jorgenson”

The Native Language of the Gospel

God of Spirit,

We give thanks that when you sent your Advocate, the apostles were empowered to speak about your deeds of power in all languages, for every people. Give us boldness to share the Spirit’s power with our neighbors. Amen.

As of late I have begun to consider myself a master linguist; a translator par excellence. You see, I have a barely-two-year-old in my home, Ingrid. And like most toddlers, she’s learning language by listening, observing, exploring and copying.

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The Power to Lay It Down

Two weeks from today we’ll celebrate Easter. We will don this sanctuary with lilies, take out crisp, fresh springy clothes for our families, and ready our ‘Alleluias’ again. And this is all for good reason, for if pressed we Christians can undeniably point to Easter as the symbol of our faith. It is the foremost day where we proclaim: “Love wins!” “Death is conquered” and “Fear Not!”

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The Choice and Challenge of Upending

Resist. Resist!  One doesn’t have to look far to see that word in today’s context. It’s on banners, lawn signs, and perhaps most notably, with a hashtag in front of the word on Twitter or Instagram.  In many ways, we are living in a time of cultural resistance.

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A Worthy Example

I was 21 when I first traveled to India with a group of undergrads. A highlight of that trip included a service visit to the Sisters of Charity House, Mother Teresa’s well-known ministry in Kolkata. I remember many sights, smells and sounds from that time, but chief among them was a photo of Mother Teresea’s feet.

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Less Than God – Ash Wednesday

Today marks a holy day in the Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday. It’s historically a day for Christian reflection and penitence. It’s a day where we sit with the weight of our mortality and our sin, and let it sink in.

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When Worship Leads to Anger

A couple of years ago a family member gave my oldest daughter, Olia, a Bible. It was a thoughtful gift because each page summed up a Bible story in a few simple sentences; a great for a young reader. However, what bothered me enough to put it on an out-of-reach shelf were the images of Jesus.

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An Unlikely Voice

God’s grace and peace to all of you this morning, on the eve of yet another turning of the year.

Yesterday my husband Andrew and I saw a dream become a reality. Long before we met one another we each sustained a love of travel. I had special connections to Southeast Asia and Andrew to the old Soviet Block. Our life before children was characterized by frequent travel, domestic and international.

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Can These Dry Bones Live?

Grace and peace to you on this Advent Sunday, just fourteen days from the celebrated eve of our Savior’s birth.

Today’s reading, the story of the prophet Ezekiel’s bizarre vision of the dry bones, seems like a rather odd text for the Christmas season, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but when I read this story my mind instantly goes to some of the zombie apocalypse images smattered about on my Netflix home page.

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Conspiring in Hospitality

Grace and peace to you from the Holy One who modeled gratitude and fostered Thanksgiving, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What a privilege it is to gather this evening, with an additional night of corporate worship, to recognize the many gifts of God and practice the art of gratitude. Opportunities to give thanks abound.

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That We May Live

Is it possible to be something by not being something? I know, that’s an intense question to ask so early on a Sunday morning, so let me ask it another way: one some level do we define who we are by who we aren’t?

Perhaps some of you have heard the contemporary term applied to many young millennials today, the “nones.” Recent social science indicates that one third of young adults (18-29) and just over one third of thirty-somethings in the US identify as non-religious. Spiritual, yes, but without religious affiliation

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