Labyrinth and Healing Garden

A Labyrinth is an ancient, spiritual tool used for walking meditation/prayer. It is a way to quiet our minds, center our thoughts, and shut out the distractions of our busy lives. You may choose to begin your walk by following the path to the center. As you walk let go of your daily struggles, worries, and fears. Receive God’s guidance and light as you follow the path out into the world. Some who walk the Labyrinth find joy, others discover comfort from grief or relief from stress, while others use it as a prayer tool to communicate with God.

The Healing Garden represents the cycle of life. It is an unique environment of beauty, silence, and serenity–the kind that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. It is a place to experience the outdoors as the seasons and world change around us. The Healing Garden is a place to think, pray, grieve, hope, give thanks, and to remember.

The Labyrinth and Healing Garden is located in the wooded area on Augustana’s south lawn.