A wedding is one of the most important events of your life! We at Augustana wish to help make this a day of joy and celebration for you and the people who will share in this special day. We believe that a solid foundation for a Christian marriage is to have a wedding service where Christ is the center and every part of the service focuses on two individuals coming together in Christ. We encourage all who are married at Augustana to plan a wedding consistent with the Christian understanding of marriage.

Weddings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis for members of the congregation. Each couple will be given four hours for dressing, pictures, seating of guests, the service, and the receiving line (if the receiving line is at the church). The couple can decide how they wish to use the four-hour block of time. You are welcome to use Augustana’s Fellowship Hall for your reception. When a reception is to be held in the church’s Fellowship Hall, more time will be given to accommodate the reception. The Fellowship Hall will accommodate from 250 to 280 people for a reception. Augustana is a smoke and alcohol-free building. You are responsible for providing your own catering. There are various fees for services provided by Augustana.

To schedule a wedding call the church office and ask to speak to the pastor you wish to have perform you wedding. All pastors are generally available for weddings throughout the year. Organist Kristina Langlois is available to help you select music for your ceremony.

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