Sermons on “Jeremiah”

Dwell With You

I’ve heard more and more from people about a series of articles the Star Tribune has been running since this summer called “Test of Faith: The Unchurching of America”[1].  It focuses on the stories behind the trends that church professionals and religious writers have been raising alarm bells about for probably thirty years: the church is shrinking

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“I Will Bring You Back”

This year, a friend of mine found out her young daughter has cancer.  The doctors say that the form of cancer is highly curable, but it means years of aggressive treatments and long-term hospital stays.  The most recent hospital term lasted over 60 days.  My friend declared recently that she lives on Planet Cancer. 

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The Way Forward

[A piece of paper is slowly being torn in front of the microphone]

Did you hear that?

That is the sound of disobedience to God’s Word.

That is the sound of a heart that has been hardened by sin and self-pride.

That is the sound of a heart that has lost its way.

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Deceptive Words, Hard Words, Hopeful Words

Have you noticed; it has been an angry week. First it was the grape salad debacle and who could have imagined the furor this would cause; the outrage.

The whole state of Minnesota has been shamed by the New York Times and their food editor who says the signature thanksgiving food for us hardy folk in the great state of Minnesota is a grape salad. A grape salad baked in the oven no less. What kind of creepy thanksgiving food is that? You would have thought it would be a jello salad with bananas and whipped cream. I think I will cancel my subscription to the Times.

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